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Published: 17th June 2015
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Indian Gold and diamond jewelry designs have their prices rising up steadily. This creates some great opportunities for the Artificial or Imitation jewelry designs to capture a big share in the market. Known by the names like Fashion jewelry, costume jewelry and Indian jewelry, these designs are making their presence felt globally.

What makes Imitation or artificial designer jewelry interesting and exciting is their availability in huge variety. There is no dearth of Imitation or artificial jewelry designs that are capable of catering to people with different tastes and preferences. Here is a discussion about what different varieties of Imitation or artificial jewelry designs can be found in the market.

First of all, Imitation or artificial jewelry is available in different materials. One can find these jewelry designs made up of materials like stones, pearls, shells, wood, beads, crystals, gems, copper and plastic and leather as well. An interesting aspect of all of these materials is that they make the artificial designs the symbols of modern fashion and trends. Not everyone is comfortable wearing heavy gold jewelry and gold necklace sets and this is where Imitation or artificial designs fill the gap.

You can also find Imitation or costume jewelry available in all varieties of designs. For example, the most popular designs like necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets made up of less expensive materials can be found in the market. Besides, one can also find anklets, armlets and other less common designs too in this category.

Varieties of Imitation or artificial gold and diamond jewellery designs are available in different colors as well. You can choose among bright and vibrant shades like red, blue, pink, purple and others in the jewelry made up of beads, gems and stones. At the same time, one can find jewelry designs in neutral colors that are made up of crystals, glass and shells. So, there are Imitation or artificial jewelry designs in different colors to match your favorite dress colors.

The Imitation or artificial jewelry makers design varieties of Imitation or artificial jewelry by mixing different materials. For example,
stone can be embedded in sterling silver and beads can be used with copper to create wonderful jewelry designs. If you have an Imitation or artificial jewelry store, you can regularly update your collection of jewelry designs. You can find Imitation or artificial
jewelry designers and suppliers on the internet that come up with huge variety of jewelry designs after every few days.

The Mesmerising and Priceless Kundan Jewellery :

Down the ages, jewellery is considered as a form of embellishment to a woman. It completely transforms a woman. Indian jewellery with its intricate designs and skilful craftsmanship has never failed to fascinate people all over the world. Ranging from a simple piece of jewellery to the most fashionable and beautiful designs, jewellery is found in many varieties. The Kundan jewellery is one among them which is very popular these days.

The Unique Features of Kundan Jewellery :

The history of Kundan jewellery dates back to the Mughal period. The skill of creating these magnificent pieces of jewellery originated in Delhi but later on reached Rajasthan, ever since then Rajasthan is known as the centre of Kundan jewellery. One of the most incredible features of this jewellery that sets it apart from other jewellery is the skilful manner of setting the precious stones in gold or silver. The rare gems are placed in gold where holes are cut for it to be placed. Resin is used in the centre part of the jewellery.

The beauty of Kundan jewellery lies in the fact that it still retains its old designs which bestows on it an appearance of elegance and royalty. The jewellery was mainly worn by the Mughal royals. But now the Kundan jewellery is designed in latest fashions and trends. The most commonly used stones in this jewellery are sapphire, emeralds, jade, topaz and rubies.

A Magnificent Bridal Accessory :

In India, the Kundan jewellery is worn exclusively by brides as it is an integral part of the Indian traditional weddings. The jewellery is found in red and green stones as it blends well with the traditional bridal wear. But now designers are keen on experimenting it with various other colors of stones as well. A complete Kundan set of jewellery comprises of a beautiful necklace and a pair of earrings. But you can find matching maang tilak, bangles, anklets and so forth with it.

There are many online shopping centres where you can find exquisite pieces of Kundan jewellery. The b2b markets are flooded with some of the rarest pieces of this jewellery. Truly, the Kundan jewellery with some of its masterpieces has proved to be dazzling pieces of art.

Choosing Bridal Wear and Jewelry :

Wedding is a big occasion for a bride and it is the time for her to look great and different from all. Bridal wear and bridal jewelry are two important things that enhance the beauty of the bride and keep her in the focus. Thanks to the expert dress designers and jewelry makers, huge varieties of wedding wear and jewelry is available.

While choosing among the available wedding wear and jewelry designs, there are many factors that a bride considers. For instance, a bride would like to choose a wedding dress which is comfortable. Different jewelry items should not be heavy as well. Here are some other things considered while purchasing dress and jewelry for wedding.

Design is an important aspect while choosing bridal wear. While brides in Europe and America choose wedding gowns, the brides in Asian countries like India have a number of designs to choose from. Wedding sarees, lehnga and choli and wedding suits are among the designs that these brides prefer to wear.

Fabric is another important thing considered by brides while choosing the wedding wear. While cotton is an ideal material for a summer wedding, the fabrics like silk, satin and velvet are great choices for weddings taking place in different seasons. Color of the wedding wear is also considered by a bride as an important selection criteria. Wedding gowns are usually selected in white, while wedding sarees and lehnga cholis are available in a huge variety of colors. These include red, pink, magenta, yellow, orange, golden as well as contemporary choices like green and blue.

While purchasing bridal jewellery, it is the material which is considered the most important criteria. Gold and diamonds are the obvious choices, while some brides prefer to wear jewelry made of platinum, silver, sterling silver and many other materials. Different designs for rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and other items are considered by brides before choosing the best designs. For bridal wear and jewelry, price is an important factor considered by the buyers. Also, it is of interest for them to learn about the manufacturers and designers behind the designs they purchase.

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